Sunday, April 07, 2013

Some recent leather projects...

I received a package with a few items from Swissbianco in February, including the Victorinox Vagabond and Lumberjack (limited production models), both in copper alox, along with some new scales, a Victorinox shield pin, and a Rex peeler.

It's been a while since my last post, with my hands bothering me a bit the last couple of months, but I still managed to do some tying with some leather projects I'd started on back in February.

I began with a leather finger loop fob, and tied/untied several different knots to cover the paracord lanyard knot loop and core, before settling on a couple of knotted layers with a Gaucho on the outside.  A pineapple knot might work better with the pattern and shape, but I still like how this one ended up.

I made a neck ID/badge/utility lanyard with a 4 strand round braid done with the goatskin leather lace worked around a 1.4mm nylon core strand.  I added a safety break-away using Celtic button knots at the ends of the nylon strand to secure them, covering the clasp with a 7 lead 6 bight Turk's head knot, first tied around a Sharpie marker, then slid off and given a brushed on coat of super glue all around the inside of the knot, and left to dry.  Later the knot is slipped over the safety break-away for a snug friction fit, so it'll stay in place but not interfere with the break-away coming apart if needed.

There are a couple of different sliding Gaucho knots for adjustment, a three pass knot from a 5L4B Turk's head and the other from a little bit longer 4 bight knot, both first tied around a Sharpie highlighter, that is just a little bit thinner than a marker, for a better fit over the two braided lanyard strands.  They were also given a coat of super glue around the insides and left to dry, to firm them up before adding them onto the lanyard.

I used a lark's head/cow/ring hitch to attach the lanyard to the snap hook, which can be switched out with another attachment/carabiner/clip if I want.

Roger had suggested adding some knot work to the Rex Peeler, so I gave it a try with a simple leather wrap and Gaucho knots on the ends.

The glow-in-the-dark Stayglo 111mm scales have the attached Swissbianco designed tactical pocket clip, and the black/yellow 91mm replacement scales are for the worn and scratched ones on my dad's old Victorinox Ranger model Swiss Army knife.  And with a little cleaning and lube, it looks and feels like a new knife with the new scales in place.


Anonymous said...


As you know; I am also doing and have done a few small leather projects. Also I am trying to incorporate some paracord in some of my leather projects. I have used some paracord instead of leather lacing to lace a few small leather projects. When I seen this post of yours I got very exited, not only because I am starting to work with leather too, but because I was admiring your gorgeous work you did with this leather braiding, and beautiful Gaucho knots done with leather. It's a very neat, clean professional work you did. I can't stop admiring it. hehehe I hope I can get to that point myself as I go along in my own projects. It is truly beautiful work, and leather gives it a very special character to the fob and utility lanyard. I hope you never stop sharing your work, because you are such an inspiration to some of us! Have a bless day. ;-)


Scot Metcalf said...

Evening Stormdrane,I'am a little confused when reading about how you tied your round braid in leather.How is it that you used a 1.4mm cord for your core? I really can not thank you enough for all of the inspiration and education that you have given me. I hope that you have a great new year. Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, A four strand round braid can be tied with or without a core. Adding a core will just make for a thicker braid than tying without one. Here's a YouTube video example. :)