Monday, September 30, 2013

Shreiking Titanium

A couple of weeks ago I found another nice little titanium whistle and it came in today's mail.

I put a length of gutted navy blue paracord over the ball chain necklace that came with it for pendant wear, adding a little bit of needle/thread work to secure the ends together over the connecter, and safety wise it would still break-away if it were caught on something.

I can just barely work the 24" closed loop over my head, and if I had hair it probably wouldn't fit with the ends sewn together, in which case I would have left the connector exposed, or opted to use a longer chain.

Like the Vargo, I added a Gaucho knot around the whistle, this time using some orange 0.9mm cord that I bought from RW Rope.

The new whistle is just slightly smaller than the other one, that I keep on my EDC key chain.  The tonal sound between the two is similar, but with my tinnitus/hearing loss, they both seem pretty much to be high pitched and shrill, definitely attention getters.


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