Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spanish ring knots on rings...

For a few recent projects I bought some stainless steel grooved rings, that I found on ebay, and added some knot work to them.

I tied Spanish ring knots on the grooved spinner and classic grooved rings, and added a Gaucho knot to the chunky one.

The grooved sections help keep the knot work from sliding off the rings.

I used 0.9mm cord, black and orange that I had, and used a blue Sharpie marker to color a couple of feet worth of white cord.  A coat of brushed on super/krazy glue was added to the Spanish ring knots, none on the Gaucho knot.

The photo of the rings without the knot work shows a cigar band(flat) ring at center, that I received initially in error, but the seller later sent the correct grooved ring.

I haven't added anything to the flat ring yet, and if I do, I imagine a bit of super/krazy glue would help secure knot work in place.

I gave the blue and orange one to my dad for an early birthday present(Dec. 24).  Go Auburn! War Eagle!


Anonymous said...

Stormdrane I have a quick question, what is the difference between a Spanish ring knot and a simple x bight 3 lead turks head??

Love your work by the way, your long 4 bight turks head my be the best knot ever!!

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, The Spanish ring knot is interwoven into an already tied three lead Turk's head knot.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@stormdrane Thank you for clearing that up for me!!

Marty Goodman said...

I really like your work. How do you get the 3 L - 5 bight ring knot around the ring?? The only mandral I've been able to get right is a minimag flash light.

Stormdrane said...

@Marty, For the Spanish ring knots, I tied them directly on the rings, starting with a 3 lead Turk's head, adding more bights until I got back around to the standing end, then worked in the Spanish ring interweave.

I don't keep count of how many bights I add in, I just add a couple as I go, then work them a bit to make room for more. It's the same way with tying a bracelet or a larger hatband, just making sure to have enough slack when you start.

It kind of works out to where it's a snug fit with the interweave done, and I only need to tighten up the slack one more time to finish. Hope that makes sense.

Marty Goodman said...

Yes, it does. Thanks so much. I really like your blog and your work. Much inspiration for me. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

Brigid said...

They are lovely, and most unusual.

Have a very Merry Christmas Stormdrane.

Anonymous said...

You've got skillz! :thumbsup:

BadKarma said...

Loving your blog and your outstanding work. I've been dabbling in this for a little while and am now ready to get serious. I read and re-read you stuff and a few others, but also enjoy book material. What would be the proper books to start rounding up.

Please never stop posting!!!


Pretexta said...

Your work is beautiful Stormdrane's !

Thanks for all and happy new year from France ;)

Stormdrane said...

@Lee, I have most of the knot books shown in the Amazon links down the side of the page. A few favorites I recommend for those serious about knot work are:

Creative Ropecraft

The Ashley Book of Knots

Encyclopedia of Rawhide & Leather Braiding

Many knot books show the same knots, but seeing them tied from different perspectives in drawings, diagrams, and photographs can help to better understand tying them, where just a single reference might still leave one confused.