Monday, August 18, 2014

Pocket Screwdrivers need knots too...

County Comm recently sent me a couple of their new 1x4 Deluxe Technician's Pocket Screwdrivers.

Using black 0.9mm cord, I tied a Turk's head knot on one of the screwdrivers, starting with a 5 lead 4 bight knot, raised/expanded that into a 7 lead 6 bight knot, then doubled it before tightening.  With the other I started off the same, but after trying pineapple, herringbone, and Hansen variations, and thinking about using a headhunter or ginfer knot, I finally went with a Gaucho knot interweave.

The knurling on the screwdriver bodies is not aggressive, more on the smooth side, good in that it won't tear up a shirt/pant pocket, so I actually grip the knots when rotating the screwdriver in hand.  I got them plenty tight, so they don't move or slide around from where I centered them.  I trimmed and tucked the strand ends and may use a tiny dab of super/krazy glue to further secure them.

The first thing I used one for was putting the smaller phillips driver to work, removing the screw holding the battery cover on my Dungeons & Dragons electronic game, that I've had since 1982, and installed a fresh set of batteries.

The neodymium magnet in the top of the cap of the screwdriver comes in handy for holding on to any screws so they don't get lost.  A nice piece of EDC gear to have around or give as a gift for a tool nut. :)

Playing with the old school handheld game has me wondering where my Football game is.  They were popular 30+ years ago.  It was a favorite, but I haven't seen mine in a long time, probably lost in a move or maybe still hiding in a box somewhere, not good if a battery was in it...


John Barlow said...

"Shirley", you don't mean Coleco's Electronic Quarterback? *giggles*

Glenn Reynolds said...

I had the Mattel football and auto racing games.
I remember hours upon hours of entertainment.