Wednesday, September 24, 2014

VENOM mochi by Stormdrane

Last year, Mochibags had a successful Kickstarter campaign on reinventing the drawstring backpack. A few months ago they contacted me about doing a collaboration on a bag, and after a lot of back and forth ideas, there's finally a Stormdrane limited edition of their Adventure series packs.

Meet the VENOM mochi, with black and red accent color scheme, black ultralight utility ropes with red tracer thread, red paracord zipper pull loop tied with an extended two-strand Matthew Walker knot, featuring a red utility cord stitched classic Solomon bar/cobra stitch/Portuguese sinnet paracord handle, and a screen printed 'Stormdrane' logo.

If you're familiar with drawstring type backpacks, these are top of the line in workmanship and materials, assembled in the U.S.A.

Mochibag demo:

Demo from mochibags on Vimeo.

How to fold a Mochibag video demonstration:

Fold from mochibags on Vimeo.

Photos from this blog post credit & © Copyright 2014 Mochibrand 



Tim from PDX said...

Congratulations Stormdrane!! The work and design represent you very nicely.

Thanks for all the cool stuff I get to copy for myself.

I see a lot of you work on Pinterest that is not accredited to you. If people are going use your designs, you should get the credit.

Kevin Gagne said...

Very slick innovation made ultimately cool by the colors and paracord work.

Anonymous said...

I pick up your Mocha bag right it came out and I couldn't be more pleased. Perfect edc size and perfect for taking empty and coming back full. I do a daily dump then repack items i will need specifically for where I;m going. JM

Stormdrane said...

Thanks, JM! Glad you like yours. Mochibrand has a great product, I hope more people check them out. :)