Monday, January 19, 2015

Sailor's Cross Knot tie tack/lapel/hat pin...

I can scratch this one off the 'to do' list, adding a blank tie tack/lapel/hat pin to a Sailor's Cross Knot, giving it another way to be worn/carried besides as a lanyard/fob/keychain pendant.

The orange one was tied and tightened with 1.4mm cord, then super glued to one pin, since that's the adhesive I had handy.  The blue cross was loosely tied, just enough so I could insert a blank pin inside the knot, and then tightened up around the pin.

I gave Ma first choice of the two I tied and she picked the blue one, so Pa got the orange.  I don't know how well the super glued one will stay attached to the smooth flat surface of the pin or if another adhesive might work better, but I reckon Pa will let me know if it up and disappears on him, lol.

The blue one may have issues with securing it through thicker garments/material, since you lose some of the pin length with the cord tied around the backside, so there is a possible tradeoff on that.

The Frayed Knot Arts website has a nice example of a mini star knot tied around a longer style button hole lapel pin.

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timothius said...

I have spent a career in the US Army. And the little brass buttons the hold the device to the tie ( behind the tie) are known as dammits. That's what we used to say when they fell off and couldn't be found. The make plastic ones the are much better at staying connected to the pin.