Sunday, April 12, 2015

Glow in the Dark Powder and Epoxy Mod Projects

I uploaded a video tutorial for using glow-in-the-dark powder and epoxy as a project to modify some edc (everyday carry) type items, like paracord lanyard beads, keychain tools Doohickey/Skullkey, knives, pens, flashlights, pendants, etc...

A Spyderco Delica with stainless steel handles that I received in a trade some years ago, without the pocket clip or screws, so I didn't mind filling the holes with some glow.

One of the titanium lanyard beads that I heat/flame colored in the previous blog post with glow/epoxy in the grooves.

And a couple of Schmuckatelli Co.'s new Spartan lanyard beads in pewter and black oxide, with glow mix I put in the eye sockets.

Some glow mix added to the control buttons on the remote for a Lasko Tower Fan.

Limited Edition VENOM mochi by Stormdrane drawstring backpacks are still available!


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Mark P. said...

Looks like I got the last or one if the last custom Mochi bags! Glad I got one before they were gone.

timothius said...

I immediately got the stuff needed and got to work. I also found that it does good things for the sights on my pistol. Very good in a low light situation. There is a neat type of toothpick by "Diamond" called "L'elegance toothpicks", these round and pointed at one end and have what appears to be a miniature sword handle at the other end, which is flat ended and perfect for applying small dots on your items of work. they are probably at your grocery store. Bar code if needed is 48789 16215.


Night Glow Landscapes said...

Very cool stuff, I've been doing similar things with jewelry and casting resin, and molding, u can create glow in the dark anything all on ur own. Check my stuff out,

Anonymous said...

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