Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A two-strand wall sinnet paracord lanyard...

This video tutorial shows how to tie a two-strand wall knot sinnet paracord lanyard with a few beads provided by Schmuckatelli Co., featuring the new Sabertooth design.  Another example is shown with the new Spartan beads.  They can make nice wallet lanyards and also do well with retention of keychains, multitools, pocket knives, or other edc gadgets, gear, and gizmos.

I used 325 paracord which is slightly smaller in diameter than 550 paracord, and was easier to fit through the beads in the video demo.  I have pulled some ungutted 550 paracord through the beads, but it was a very tight fit, where gutted paracord was easier to get through.

There is a short demo of tying the 'snake knot' after the two-strand wall knot sinnet lanyard is finished.  Some folks call both a 'snake knot', I just learned them differently. ;)
 The black and red color 'licorice' pattern is 425 paracord.

The two-strand wall knot is knot #775 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots' (ABoK page 140).

A limited production piece of  Pro-Tech's Half Breed Auto knife with Schmuckatelli Co.'s skull logo image done in damascus steel and a cool mosaic pin for the open/unlock button.

The VENOM mochi by Stormdrane is currently showing as 'Sold Out', but Mochibrand still has many other models to choose from and there's currently a Kickstarter campaign for a new updated/upgraded version of their drawstring backpack underway. 

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Anonymous said...

David; Awesome video! Thank you. You have inspired me to make a bracelet with this knot. I probably make one today. I am thinking using two colors of cord, using the same knot technique you use here for the lanyard. Thank you again for an awesome video.

Peace, Manny.

PS. I probably use the (Manny's Method) to make the bracelet in two colors.