Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VENOM RED mochi by Stormdrane™ Limited Edition Mochibag

It's back!  VENOM RED mochi by Stormdrane™ Limited Edition Mochibag

From Mochibrand, "Based on our successful VENOM mochi by Stormdrane™, this limited edition VENOM RED version is fitted with RED and BLACK ultralight utility ropes, a knotted RED zipper pull, and a striking BLACK cobra-weave handle with RED center V-stitch, tied together knot by knot, achieving an amazing feel and a dramatic look."

"We started Mochibrand to revolutionize the drawstring backpack. No more uneven cords. No more hard to open bags. Here is the drawstring backpack to end all drawstring backpacks!"

Our Mission

"Design the most innovative, the best looking, and the hardest working drawstring backpacks in the world. That's right. Make the BEST DRAWSTRING BACKPACKS. Period."

"Mochibrand was created on a firm belief that the conventional drawstring backpack can be seriously improved
and can be desirable with better design, better material, better workmanship, and superior service.

It is our mission to provide you the best drawstring backpack experience ever."

"The stylish-ultra-casual-light-portable Mochibag unlocks possibilities that will change the way you pack and carry. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, or going out and about and around town, these easy to carry Mochibags will never let you down when opening and closing the bags, with each model featuring Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™, Easy Pull-Open Handles™, and True Side-Seam Zip Pocket™, and plush ropes as drawstrings. Choose your size and style and don't let an oversize ready-for-war backpack slow you down."


Accessories ~ Check 'em out!  The Original Mochi Brand ~ About Us

Mochibrand® Exclusive Awesomeness

Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™. For shoulder loops that never become uneven or unbalancedEasy Pull-Open Handles™. For pulling apart a closed bag with even motions, also a top handleTrue Side-Seam Zip Pocket™. Not all side pockets are created equal. Runs deep. Zips down. YKK zipper.

More Awesomeness

Premium Durable Water-Repellent Nylon FabricFirm-sheath. Soft-core. Ultralight Outdoor Utility Ropes8 Ft - 550 Parachute Cord Cobra-Weave HandleLatest Side-Release Snap Buckle with Non-Slip LockStrap-End Safety Whistle with Loose Strap Management

  Available in Full and Slim sizes

  Full Year Product Warranty

  Designed and Assembled in USA

Text and photos © Copyright 2015 Mochibrand. 

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Domenic Galati said...

Hey mate sorry to hassle you. I am curious as to where you get your wooden beads for the gaucho knots. Your help would be appreciated ta mate.

Stormdrane said...

@Domenic, I bought the wooden/bracelet/spacer beads from a Hobby Lobby, but you may find similar at a Michaels craft store, or online on ebay or amazon. The specific beads I use for the gutted paracord gaucho knots, are about 5/8" long and have a hole diameter around 5/16" with a slightly larger oval/rounded outer shape.

I use the more common smaller size wooden beads with large hold, with smaller diameter cord like the 1.4mm to 2mm sized cord. ;)

Domenic Galati said...

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply and being so giving with the information. I have seen examples of your work and find them very well done and I would like to try some . So I figure you use a smaller diameter gutted cord for the gaucho knots? Sorry to keep hounding you and thanks again

Stormdrane said...

Depending on the bead the knot will be tied around, I will use gutted 550 paracord, or smaller diameter varieties of cord that may or may not have inner strands. I usually give the smaller cord types a brush on coat of krazy/super glue.

Domenic Galati said...

Hey Stormdrane once again thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it mate