Monday, October 31, 2016

Paracord Nerf Dart Bandolier

A project I started on back in the Spring after a friend suggested I collaborate with the world famous LordDraconical on a Nerf type project, which would turn out be a bandolier for the common Elite type Nerf darts.

I ordered some black and neon green paracord and also some black elastic webbing and shock cord to work on some ideas with loops for the darts.  After some tying and untying with different designs, I decided to keep it simple so others could easily duplicate it on their own and went with the Solomon bar/cobra stitch/Portuguese sinnet and doubled variation.

I tried to adjust the loops to where they weren't too tight on the darts, where a couple of previous versions I found the foam darts would easily compress and stay like that for a while, and I thought that might affect the aerodynamics when they get fired, going in any direction but straight, but I don't know since I do not own a Nerf gun to actually test that out.

The loop section is 60 inches long, first done with neon green paracord and finished with a 6" extension with an HK type clip at the end of the loop, then I went back over the whole thing with black paracord.  A little research turned up shotgun shell bandoliers that were 53 inch long loops, and single point slings usually run smaller, but I figured the more darts the merrier, and someone were wearing a jacket or heavier clothing, Nerf armor if that's a thing, it would fit over all that.

I had purchased 60 darts, and there's room for 72 on the bandolier. The extension at the end could be used to attach to a water bottle, another Nerf gun, bag/satchel/pouch of more darts, or secure to a belt loop or whatnot...

The elastic ends are secure with a little needle and thread, but the loops are held in place by friction with the knot work. As it sits, one could adjust the loops by moving slack from the loops to either side to make larger loops to hold bigger darts or magazines, didn't test it out though.

About 68 feet of neon green paracord was used and 73 of black, worked with single 100 foot long strands to tie the bandolier and I think I used around 15 feet of 3/8" elastic webbing for the loops.

The basic design has been used by many for rifle slings and even a few rifle ammo bandoliers too, but I didn't see anyone working with Nerf darts and using elastic that fit just right along the knot work.

A wide pattern with dual elastic loops for the darts would be cooler, I think, but also heavier and much more time and paracord involved, but I'm sure someone will run with it and share further ideas since this Nerf stuff is very popular.

Once Drac gets to try it out and see if it's even usable as it is or more deserving to be melted down for scrap, I'm sure he'll share his well respected opinion on it. ;)

For those that want to make a simple closed loop bandolier, without an added attachment end, think of making an upscaled slip-on type paracord bracelet, tied to desired size, then go back over it again with elastic and another layer of paracord. Or for making one with a side-release buckle, the old bracelet tutorial with adding in additional length for core strands will do.

You can get creative with any pattern that would allow you to work in the elastic webbing for dart retention, just remember not too tight or the foam darts get squeezed. ;)

If you need an edc backpack, check out the limited edition VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo, which I receive a percentage of sales from, each having a stitched paracord handle that I worked with Mochibrand on for the design.


NateZ said...

I'm a total paracord newbie - I didn't even know this was a thing people did.

I've been trying to create a nerf bandolier for my son and this is exactly what I wanted to make. I've managed to figure out how to do the inner part (where you used to neon green cord) but I have no idea how you did the outer braiding (with the black paracord). Can you tell me kind of knot that is?

I love what you created here. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Stormdrane said...

@NateZ The black paracord knot work is the same as the neon green underneath it, where the green is now the 'core' that the black is tied over/around. This second layer is called the 'king cobra stitch/doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet'.

If you're continuing with using the same cord you started the project with (one color), you would continue knotting like shown in my Paracord Lanyard Project tutorial.

If using a second color, you start from the center of that length of cord and do the knot work from there covering the base layer.

For just a circular bandolier, without the extra tag end attachment, you'd tie it like an over-sized paracord bracelet, either with a side release buckle, or slip-on style, then add the next layer, laying down the elastic cord as you tie the second layer, adjusting the elastic loops to desired size as you go.

HemoBro said...

Dude i won't lie this is amazing. I'm planning on making this and terrorizing my nephews the next time those greasy little buggars stop by!

But on a more serious note.. i found your site due to our mutual interest in hemostats. It's a rare hobby and i find it difficult to share with most people. i was really hoping for some serious hstat action on the blog.

Do you ever practice with yours on stuffed animals?

I've been using one of my smaller ones instead of chop sticks but it makes people uncomfortable.

Anyways keep up the great work bud


Anonymous said...

Do you have a video tutorial of how to make this "Paracord Nerf Dart Bandolier"? I am at a loss at how you made it with the tag end attachment. Thanks

Stormdrane said...

I don't have a video tutorial on the bandolier, but aside from the slip-on paracord bracelet link example, an older post with a belt keeper was made like the bandolier, started from the center of your length of cord, measured down to desired length of loop, then knot back down over the core strands.

When you reach the end(center of cord where you started, run both working strands through that end, which forms the body of the bandolier. Now come down with those working ends for however long you want the tag end to be, run the ends around the attachment clip/carabiner/snap hook/split ring and knot back down over those strands till it meets up at the larger loop, melt or tuck the end strands and then start the second layer of knotwork over the elastic, sizing each loop for the darts as you go, working over the larger loop, over the bandolier body, then finishing up knotting over the tag end, trim and melt or tuck the ends. Hope that helps. ;)

Stormdrane said...

Ah, forgot the belt keeper link:
paracord belt key keeper

ElHemo said...

To HemoBro -

Please forgiv my english as not so good. I am wanting to know more too about hemostat. I like as use to help make my bracelet (clip on cord end). But I also am think about how to use in more basic function. It is medical insturment yes? You make animal stuffed from killling with car? So you make clamp on vessels and such then?

I find to clamp on cord is good. I find to hold small things like sharp metal is also good. Generally, I find lots of good uses for hemostat. I am happy to learn more.

Stormdrane you make good website with many good project. I like nerf too. haha.

Unknown said...

Thank is great! Thank you so much for posting this. This is far better than what I've seen being sold online. I made this for my son's seventh birthday and he just loves it (including his friends). I'm a complete beginner with making things from paracord, but it was surprisingly not difficult to make this bandoleer. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this.

Thank you again for this!