Monday, June 05, 2017

A two-strand lanyard knot variant...

Knot tying friend, Mabel Marble, shares a tutorial for tying a variant of a two-strand lanyard knot from 'The Ashley Book of Knots'.

Mabel was attempting knot #785 (extended crown and diamond), but like #784 (crown and diamond knot), there's said to be an error in the diagram instructions, which leads to a different result than the intended finished knot.  Mabel has dubbed this knot as #785A.

I tied the one shown in the post photos with some dark green paracord, directly onto my Kershaw Emerson pocket knife, adding a black oxide finish Kiko Tiki (God of Sarcasm) lanyard bead.

I left enough of a loop to put my little finger in for added retention when using the knife.  The bead can be slid up/down along the lanyard's loop for adjustment if needed, like keeping the cord from interfering with the Wave feature when pulling the knife quickly from the pocket for a quick deployment of the blade, instead of using the thumb disk.

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Jay said...

Great guide. I think it's time for you to get a .com domain. That would look more professional