Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fidget Spinner Knot Work...

I bought a low budget fidget spinner and added a few Spanish ring knots to it with 0.9mm cord.

This being my first fidget spinner, I thought the bearings might get rusty quick with condensation from sweat in my pants pocket, so I added some Tuf Glide lubricant, that I use on my knives and tools, to the center metal parts/bearings, and unfortunately found that idea seriously reduced the spin time and speed that the spinner had when new out of the box.

*Note, that I used some Dawn dish washing liquid and hot water to try and clean up the lubricant I had applied to the bearing and the spinner now spins as it should.  I got a 2 minute 45 second timed spin out of it , which is considerably better than the sub 10 second run times after initially oiling the bearing. I know that there are spinners that advertise 8+ minute spins, but they cost more than the inexpensive version I bought.

There are a lot of folks that have been making  fidget spinners with paracord lately, using many different knotty designs, and the first example I remember seeing a while back was by knot tying friend, Benedict, on Facebook.  I may try tying one of those eventually.

I have an upcoming project(giveaway) with some cool beads that Schmuckatelli Co. recently sent to me.  And some knot work to do with a variety of neat items in a care package received from County Comm...

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