Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A County Comm Care Package...

A bit of knot work done with some cool care package items that County Comm had sent to me a little while back.

I tied a pineapple knot using black and white 0.9mm cord around a Maratac Anodized Peanut Lighter XL.

I started with a 5 lead 4 bight base Turk's head knot in black, raised that to a 7 lead 6 bight knot, then raised again to a 9 lead 8 bight knot and doubled the knot. I then worked in the pineapple interweave with the white cord, doubled it, and gradually tightened/dressed the knot, taking care with trying to keep it straight and neat.

I added a 5 lead 9 bight Turk's head knot around the cap of the Copper Peanut Lighter.  The lighter should develop a nice patina over time with handling.  Shown attached to the zipper pull of my jacket.

 I used some of the Pharoah Cord (425 paracord), a royal teal/gold color interlace pattern, to tie a variety of zipper pulls, key fobs, lanyards, knife handle grip/wrap, and even a half hitched/needle hitching soda/beer can hugger/koozie/pouch with cord lock and wrist loop, which used around 40 feet of cord.

Some other neat items in the care package were a titanium Norton's U.C.S. (Universal Cleaning Stick), good for help with cleaning multitools, firearms, pocket knives, and other assorted gadgets and whatnot where you can use it to dig into tight spots with cleaning patches/solvents/oils to clean and lubricate your gear.

A sweet pair of XL Titanium EDC Tweezers, anodized in a nice shade of blue, that work great for picking/pulling things out of tight spaces, even gripping the occasional wild and unruly beard/mustache/eyebrow/nostril/ear hairs that don't want to stay in line with the program.  The tweezers even have a hex socket to work with screwdriver bits on the top end.

Lots of potential used for the UGM - Universal Glow Markers and Compact UGM, like attaching to backpack/luggage zipper pulls, keychain/keyring fobs, hanging on doorknobs to help navigate around dark rooms at home or while traveling/hotel stays, keeping you oriented when you wake up in the middle of the night and forget where you are.

I might try hanging a couple of 'em from one of the ceiling fan's light/fan chain switch pulls.

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Mark Hall said...

Fantastic web site youve got there ..ive sent it to my cousins who are in the scouts ..i also enjoy care packages from countycom