Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Chain Sinnet Paracord Bracelet with Stairstep Stitching

At the time of this post, there are still a couple of days left to enter the Shmuckatelli Co. Giveaway.

I used olive drab paracord for this chain sinnet bracelet with 3/8" side release buckle, going back over it after it was tied, using 1.4mm cord and stairstep stiching down the center of the bracelet.  This chain sinnet is #2897 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', one of several variations.

I started with a ring hitch onto one buckle end, tied the sinnet for desired length, then wrapped the strands around the other buckle end, doing a half hitch with each end strand and then running a needle and thread through the ends to further secure them, before trimming and melting to finish.

I used most of a seven foot length of paracord that I started with, and used a scrap length of 1.4mm cord that was a few feet long, although I didn't measure what I started with or had leftover.  If the stitching strand had been longer, I may have continued with stitching back in the other direction after first working from one end to the other.

The bracelet fit my 8.5" wrist at first, but after adding in the stitching, it tightened up the weave a bit and restricted any stretching.  So, I gave this one to Pa to wear, a Veteran's Day gift to the LtCol (Retired US Army, Vietnam Vet).

I had posted a chain sinnet  bracelet several years ago, shown with a knot and loop closure.  Here's a link to Ken's video tutorial on tying a chain sinnet bracelet.  Another knot tyer has a more recent YouTube tutorial for a chain sinnet bracelet, although slightly different with the sinnet being tied around core strands.

Adding stitching to the pattern negates the 'quick deploy' ability of pulling the bracelet apart if you need to re-purpose the cord in a hurry.  But, if your emergency requires speedy use of around 7 feet of paracord, your problems probably exceed whatever super timely need of string you have, lol...  Knot responsibly!

I also tied up a number of chain sinnet paracord lanyards, attaching keyring LED flashlights and P-38 can openers, with a safety pin to help keep the blades closed and other potential EDC uses.

I give these to my Pa to give out when making food deliveries with the church food pantry and when he's working with the homeless ministry.

The lanyard/diamond knot tied at the end of the lanyard can be tucked into the loop at the keyring end, for attachment of the lanyard to a belt, belt loop, backpack strap or whatnot for retention, or used as a fingerloop, etc...

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