Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday...

The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday ~ shopping/sales for those with disposable income) and I'm still recovering from eating too much.  I had leftovers for supper last night, then again for breakfast this morning.  Copper pennies and some cheesy hash brown casserole.

I did some knot work for a few hours last night into this morning, intending to tie a checkered headhunter knot, but after three attempts on a couple of different flashlights to get some gutted paracord to cooperate without overlapping had my fingers aching and left me with a headache.

So, I went with some simpler knots, using some cotton cord on a shake light, and paracord on the ArmyTek flashlight.

The arm section of gutted paracord with a bent paper clip for posing, over the herringbone knot covered wooden bead and under the Schmuckatelli Co. skull, was just added as a novelty for the photo of the wrist lanyard on my Spyderco Salt, but variations of paracord people are popular among many knot tyers, especially to use up short scrap lengths of cord.

I wish I'd had some blue cotton cord to use with the white and red, but I only had the black to work in the pineapple interweave, so that's what I used.

I tied a 13 lead 4 bight Turk's head knot in white, doubled, then added in the red strand on either side of the white before adding the black cord.  I'd tried gutted paracord in olive drab and black for a checkered headhunter first on that light, but didn't seem to have the patience from being stuffed on turkey day to get it right.

Same attempt was made with the ArmyTek light too, but I ended up just going with a simple small 7 lead 6 bight Turk's head knot around the middle of the light, where I could still use the snap on pocket clip. I also added a gutted length of black paracord with a reinforced ring hitch for a wrist lanyard.

And on another note, the alternate drawn 3rd prize winner for the Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway replied/responded to me this morning, so their package was dropped off at the post office this morning and is now on the way to them.  Thanks again to all that entered!

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