Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Got yer goat?

A recent care package from Schmuckatelli Co. included USN Tactical Goat Beads in a variety of finishes, along with a couple of cool t-shirts and several of my favorite Kiko Tiki lanyard beads.

I'd been waiting on a project to use some of the 1100 HD Paracord (Made in the USA) that I'd bought last winter.  The UST labeled cord is a stronger thicker paracord, than the common 550 paracord, where I could just fit the lanyard beads onto a single ungutted strand.

I kept the knot work fairly simple, for those that might want to try and duplicate the lanyard, with doubled two-strand wall knots, a couple of gaucho knot interweaves for whipping, and tying eleven 7 lead 2 bight tripled Turk's head knots with 1.4mm red cord, spaced between the tactical goat beads along the length of the lanyard. 

The stretched out length of the lanyard with the loop ends is about 28" long, plenty of length for an edc (everyday carry) wallet or keychain lanyard.  The weight of the finished lanyard by itself is 4.8 oz, with a nice hefty feel to it.

I added a ITW Nexus Grimloc carabiner for attachment at one end, and the other loop end can be ring/cow/girth hitched onto another attachment/keyring or run a belt through it and so on.

I've used the smaller diameter mini blind string/trot line cord for years, and it's always had a problem with holding its dye, so it has a faded/washed out look to it after tying.  I sometimes use Sharpie markers to color over the cord and make the colors 'pop' a little better when I don't want a stonewashed look to a finished knotting project.

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Mark P. said...

Very cool Stormdrane. I really like the change up of using turk's head knots in between each bead. Nicely done!