Tuesday, January 23, 2018

RGB lanyard...

I bought a new Nato type watch band, one of those 'Bond' variant designs with a red, green, and black pattern, and wanted an EDC lanyard with similar colors to match, using what cordage I had available.

I first took a gutted length of olive drab paracord and attached a spring gate clip at one end, sewing the cord to itself completing a small loop attachment, then ran the other end around the snap hook ring and tied a lanyard/diamond knot, for a fixed lanyard length of about two ft. long.

I used about 17 feet of red 1.4mm cord for the Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stich over the paracord, then went back with some 0.9mm black cord for stitching along the inner sides of the lanyard.  All of that took entirely too long, as in hours, lol, but I kept with it until finished.

Unfortunately, during the construction phase, there was a massive catastrophic failure of my favorite hemostats.  So I found myself observing a moment of silence for the loss.

I have other hemostats, but these were the ones used most often since they had good narrow tips for getting into tight spaces when pushing/pulling cord with knotty projects, serving me for a good dozen years or so.  They will be missed.

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