Monday, March 15, 2021

Emperors new clothes...

I installed new scales on a couple of my Swiss Army knives and on one for my pa.  I'd purchased the black G10 scales from Swissbianco last year, but hadn't gotten around to putting them on one of my SAKs until recently.  

Roger sent me the armee green alox and bodensee blue G10 scales this year, so I spent a week attaching the scales, one side at a time and allowing 24 hours for the J-B Weld to cure while each knife was in my table clamp.

I put the armee green alox scales (plus type with additional slots for ink pen and a straight pin) on my pa's Victorinox Huntsman.  The black G10 went on my Victorinox Climber, and the bodensee blue on a Victorinox Spartan.

I made simple paracord neck lanyards for each knife, ring hitching onto Nite Ize carabiners and then tying lanyard/diamond knots.

I bought a 3 pack of Firefly firesteels, which fit in the toothpick slot of Victorinox knives (supposedly), but I found it too loose to stay in the armee green alox knife, too tight to get more than halfway in the black G10, and I got one in the bodensee blue with effort but cannot now get it out.

The fit is overly snug and in trying to get it out had the glow in the dark tip material crumble and break off of the firesteel.  I haven't figured out how to remove it without damaging the G10 scales...

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