Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday's edc pocket dump










* Victorinox Alox Pioneer Swiss Army Knife 

* Kershaw PT-1 mulitool 

* Maratac AA LED flashlight 

* Swissbianco tactical pen 

* Timex Reef Gear watch 

* Titanium carabiner with Punisher skull 

* Handkerchief 

* Paracord lanyard

* Nite Ize Microlock S-Biner


bobmoney said...

Where did you get the keychain carabiner? The eBay listing says they don't ship to the USA.
I like it and wanted to get one of each. =8^(

bobmoney said...

I like the look of the carabiner. Where did you get it?

Just Handle it said...

Worthy tools for just about any situation. having the knife and compass joined together on paracord is quick and easy

Sonny BPE said...

Just RE-found your blog! I've gotten back into paracord weaving and was just poking around and recognized your name. So glad that you're still creating and posting. Keep it up, I'll be following. Much appreciated!

Sara said...

Great work.