Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Side release buckles

Here's a size comparison photo of some side release buckles I've used for paracord bracelets, watchbands, and dog/cat collars. On the left is a 5/8 inch ITW Nexus contoured buckle I bought on ebay, the other three, in 5/8 inch curved, 1/2 inch curved, and 3/8 inch curved, were purchased from Creative Designworks. I've found all of them to be of decent quality and they all work fine for use with paracord bracelets, watchbands, and dog/cat collars.


Benjamin said...

Thank you for showing the differences with buckle size and for the tutorial of the paracord bracelet. I have already made a couple as gifts.

I have been surfing the web and saw that there are paracord bracelets using 2 to 3 different colors. Would you happen to know how to do these? From looking at pictures, I can't figure out how they start it from the buckle.

Stormdrane said...

For two color paracord bracelets, glue, melt, or sew the two colors together at just a few inches past what would be the center of the two cords(total length of the two cords is the same as length for one single color cord bracelet). This is where you loop onto one part of the buckle. The connection will be hidden under the cobra stitches. Just proceed as making a regular bracelet from there. For a third color, you can over lap the two tone bracelet with a king cobra stitch.