Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cell phone lanyard

I made this lanyard/wrist strap by first using a length of shockcord and tying lanyard knots on each end. I then took several feet of light blue 1mm cotton cord and did a cobra stitch over the shockcord between the lanyard knots. A small swivel clip is on one end and a small carabiner on the other. The shockcord will stretch about another six inches from it's resting position and the cobra stitch over it stretches with it.


Velu said...

Some cool stuff you are making here. Keep up the good work.


zevidg said...

Nice try !
I make a paracord bracelet with this system (without buckle)

medic1638 said...

I have done a few things now using the Cobra stitch, and can find that, I believe in one of the tutorials that you have done. However, I cannot find the King Cobra stitch "how to" link anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Stormdrane said...

The king cobra stitch can be seen on the website, under cobra bracelet.