Sunday, July 22, 2007

Knitting Spools

From some emails I received, I guess some folks didn't realize that I'm using more than one knitting spool/corker when I use different sized cord.

Here's a photo of 3 knitting spools that I made with the nails spaced at about 3/4 inch for the 1mm cord, 1 inch for the 'Type I'(1/16 inch) paracord, and 1.25 inches for paracord(1.5 or 1.75 inches can be done for a looser spaced out pattern on the regular paracord).

The spools and the napkin ring I used were found at a craft store(Michaels or Hobby Lobby). I drilled the center hole of the spools to enlarge them to 3/8 inch diameter and also pre-drilled the holes for the nails so I wouldn't split the wood when tapping the nails in. You can also make your own spools using hollow cylinder shaped objects like pvc pipe sections and plumbing fittings with epoxy/duct/electrical tape to secure the nails in place.

There are knitting machines that can crank out these sinnets very quickly, but I tried one and it would only work with yarn, with the string/cord I tried being too stiff for the machine to manipulate.

There are at least couple of pages with mention/diagrams of spool knitting shown in 'The Ashley Book of Knots'.  I've found them to make great key chain and neck lanyards with smaller diameter cordage, and you get a thicker rope sized version from using paracord.

You can use just two of the nails for a smaller square pattern, like you'd get using a lucet.


medic1638 said...

I don't know if you saw my comments that I thought that I left last night, but here it is again, just in case I did something wrong and didn't actually send it.

I found this neat little thing yesterday, bought one, and it really works great:

It's from Clover and is called the Wonder Knitter. It has some really neat features.

Stormdrane said...

The first comment must not have gone thru.

I have one of the 'Wonder Knitters' and it was actually the first spool I tried with making lanyards. Yep, it works great on smaller diameter cord other than 550 paracord, if only it wasn't 'pink', hehehe. Maybe if the company realized that some dudes might use it to make lanyards for knives, tools, flashlights, etc., they could offer a model in black with skulls and flames printed on it. I've made a few of my own since I first bought that one and they're easy to make and cheaper too.

bhume said...

Thanks for all the information that you have put out on your site. I have learned so much from here. I have a pic of a couple knitting spools that I have made from aluminum and dowel pins, thanks to your dimensions listed if you'd like to see them.

Stormdrane said...

Sure, I'd like to see them. =)

chemicalsno said...

I was attempting to make the larger of the spooks for making paracord rope, but after I completed it and started the nails bent and eventually popped out. I used the same (or nearly) napkin ring and 3/4in nails. Any suggestions? After they broke out I tried using some 1in finishing nails which cracked and broke the whole thing, they seemed perfect though with their small heads.

Stormdrane said...

I pre-drilled the holes before tapping in the nails and I think that's kept the thin bodied napkin ring from cracking. The first nails I used did bend, but only because I pulled with too much force when I tightened it up after working the cords. I believe PVC pipe would probably work better for you if the wood is too prone to breaking. Hope that helps.

chemicalsno said...

I found a PVC pipe with two end caps on them, so I took one off and drilled holes in that then used JB-Weld to glue the nails (a bit bigger this time) to the sides. It worked amazingly well, thanks for the suggestion!

Mutant Genius said...

Just made a set today and tried the smallest one out on some cotton twine I had laying around. It worked great thanks for posting info on them.

Marko Gorc said...

Hey there!

I came up with a nice way you can use to make a spool knitter!

You can see the tutorial at my site, Paracord Guild

Let me know if you find it useful!