Sunday, July 08, 2007

I made this braided lanyard using inexpensive orange colored mason line, easy to find at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. I used a small knitting spool using just 2 of the nails for the braid, attaching it with a loop/lanyard knot at one end and used the clip off a Photon Freedom keychain light and the swivel attachment from a cell phone lariat for the other end. I can clip it to a belt loop and let it hang down into a pocket or clip it to itself and it works as a wrist lanyard.

The flashlight shown is the JetBeam C-LE from Emilion's Workbench. The amount of light this 1 AA battery flashlight can put out with it's Cree LED is amazing. It has several modes: high(2 hrs runtime), medium(7 hrs runtime), low(30 hrs runtime), strobe, and SOS. If you want to learn more about flashlights and related info, visit CandlePower Forums, you might be a flashaholic and didn't even know it.


Pand0ra Wilde said...

I really like seeing what you're doing here--it's cool stuff, and unique. I'm a soapmaker and I've done years' worth of art and craft shows and never seen anything similar. They look like fun, they're functional and I look forward to seeing the new stuff. Keep it up--it's cool to see your new posts when I surf.

Here from BlogMad.

Greg said...

Wow, you are amazing at ur craft, they are so flawless and amazingly well constructed.

BTW thanks for visiting my site =o)

geoff said...

These are incredible! Good, good stuff... I really like the monkey fists!