Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aluminum knitting spool

A blog reader had seen my posts on making lanyards with a knitting spool and made some of his own spools using aluminum. He kindly sent me one, and I have to say it's built like a tank and should last a lifetime.

It's perfect for 2mm and 1/16" sized cord, like the 'Type I' paracord/accessory/dummy cord, that I like to use, as well as mason's line. I tried it out on some orange mason line, for a neck lanyard, and it works great.

Thanks Bennie, I appreciate it, Semper Fi!



Laane said...

It looks perfect.

We have wooden ones here. They're very easy to hold.

JP said...

FYI, Your links to specific pages on the Supply Captain website are broken. They must have changed something on their side.

Stormdrane said...

Thanks. It looks like they updated their website layout.