Saturday, August 11, 2007

The lanyard knot and loop at the end of a knitting spool braid

I'd posted these rough photos on EDC Forums in the 'Lanyard thread', but I still get asked how to do it. So, I've added them here on the blog.

I take the single strand at the end of the braid(about 7 or 8 inches is good to work with), run it thru each of the loops after taking it off the knitting spool to secure the braid, then tie the lanyard knot with a loop, and the excess after working the knot down to the braid is tucked/pulled back into the center of the braid with my hemostats.


Anonymous said...

There are some broken images here.

Stormdrane said...

The photos posted should be the only ones there(8). I'm not sure what those extras were, blogger has some quirks. The photos just show the basics of adding a lanyard knot with the end of the single strand, not the actual tying of the lanyard knot itself.

SCGobbler said...

Can you point us to the instructions for tying the lanyard knot inline like that? I am used to tying it with two separate running pieces but you tied it with only one running piece correct?

BTW, I figured out the Monkey paw with my fingers with the tiny rope! Thank you!!!!

Stormdrane said...

The lanyard knot is tied the same way , whether you're using one strand or two. The braided section of the lanyard pictured is simply the 'other' strand, and it's taken around the end and up through the center of the knot just like the other strand.