Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finger loops

There are a variety of folders and fixed blades with loops for fingers built into the knives, for looks, function, or both. You can add your own with a little knot work.

I'd tried a few with the alternate and continuous ring hitches made over split rings months ago, but they seemed to be too large, too small, or uncomfortable.  I've tried again with a couple of other methods.

I made a short braid with some black paracord on a two-peg knitting spool, looped it through the lanyard hole of my Spyderco Salt, and finished with a couple of snake knots.

I fit my little finger thru the hole for added grip on the knife. A swivel clip or snap hook could be added to the loop for other attachment options.

And another one done with some 1mm black cotton cord spool knit over paracord on a small neck knife.


Anonymous said...

Nice! How big is the hole on the loop?

Stormdrane said...

The ones I made were around an inch or so diameter for the loop, whatever's comfortable.

SnakeVirus said...

Could you give some kind of information but to do it? thanks

Stormdrane said...

@SnakeVirus, You 'spool knit' a length of cord, then bring the ends of that length together, run the end strands around your knife/flashlight/item etc.., then tie those strands back around the strands as the core, using a snake knot/lanyard knot/wall knot etc.., trim the ends to finish.

Stormdrane said...

@Daniel, I used spool knitting, two and three peg/nail spools for the different loops shown in the photos. The amount of paracord will vary depening on how long you make the cord, and how tight or loose it's done.

For a simple one like shown attached to the Spyderco knife, only 5 or 6 feet of paracord was used to start, and attached to the knife as described in the blog post with snake knots.

Daniel Belisle said...