Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How to tie a Monkey's Fist Video

I usually use paracord or smaller cordage for knotwork, but this larger 3/8" diameter rope makes it easier for you to see what I'm doing in the video. I used three turns for each side of the knot to cover the 1" ball bearing that I used for the core of the fist. You can use whatever you want for the core: marbles, ball bearings, wooden/cork ball, rubber ball, wad of paper/plastic, a knot at the end of the cord and tucked into the center of the fist, etc.

The number of turns needed depends on the size cord you're using and how large the item you're using for the core is. Remember to gradually tighten the knot as you work the slack out. I went all the way around the knot from the starting point twice for the video, I could have tightened it up again, but didn't to keep the video shorter.

With smaller cord, you may have to work the cord several times to get the slack out. This is necessary to keep the cord from getting twisted/tangled/overlapped and keep the sides even. If you can still see the core after you've started tightening the fist, you probably need to add another turn, so start over. Have patience and you'll get the hang of it.


Dave said...

Excellent instructional video! I was able to tie a monkey's fist for the first time with the help of this video. You rock.

Chris said...

Thanks for posting the great video.
I think I'll give it a try myself.


k13pt0 said...

I've been trying to do the monkey fist knot for a while now and it wasn't until i came across your video tutorial. Thank you very much for posting this. i look forward to seeing your updates.

Hillary said...

What length of rope did you use for this? Thank you!

Stormdrane said...

@Hillary, I think I started with a five or six foot length of that rope that I used for the demonstration in the video. You need more than you actually use because the knot is loosely tied first with a lot of slack in it, then tightened up leaving excess cord.

You can tie directly from a long hank or spool of cord and work any excess back through the knot to avoid waste.

How much cord is needed will vary depending on the cord diameter you're working with and the size of the core you're tying around.

If tying a lot of the knots with the same cord/cores, you can narrow down exactly how much you need to start with and how much is used in the tightened knot, so keeping notes can be helpful... ;)

Hillary said...

This is so helpful thank you!

Alex said...

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