Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Red, white, and blue...

Here are a couple of pocket knife fobs that I made with white 2mm nylon cord, with red and blue cotton cord as accents underneath.

I tied a Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stitch, then added the red and blue cords, and doubling the Solomon bar(king cobra stitch) over them.

I frayed the cotton cords at the end.  The SAKs(Swiss Army Knives)that they're attached to are a Silver Alox Lumberjack and a Blue Alox Farmer, both from Swissbianco.


Josh said...

hi stromdrane well done, im only 12 yrs old and iv made your monkeys fist zipper pulls (well done appluase)and thank you very mutch for doing that toutorial 4 monkeys fist on youtube i was fed up ov looking at still pics.well well done and keep it up!

Anonymous said...


I first saw your lanyards at the Spiderco forums, and I've been to your site several times. Some of your stuff is awesome!

I've played around a bit with hemp, but now I want to do a little work with paracord and type I cord - thanks to you!

Keep up the good work!

Prime said...

Those are some beautiful army knives. Reminds me of simpler days.

Robert said...

OK, lets just say I am old and now I am getting hooked on another hobby... But after watching your blog for the last 3 or 4 months how could I not get hooked....! Lovely work and one of the best blogs I have seen... retired IT person...
One simple question how do you store your paracord? Not that I have a lot but multiple 100' coils seems to be starting to get somewhat tangled. Just curious what you are doing..

Stormdrane said...

I try to keep the cord in the packages it came in, leaving the zip tie intact if it has one and just pulling off as much as I need at a time. I only buy paracord by the 100 foot hanks since that all I can occasionally afford. But after a while, with saving remnants, and starting a project, changing my mind and untying or putting things to the side, it builds into a mess sometimes.

I have a couple of baskets(magazine storage types) that I try to keep everything in, but it eventually builds up on the floor all around my chair. I do try clean it up when it gets out of hand.

One of the guys on EDC Forums (LZ owner of Lanyard Zone) once showed photos of how he stored his cord on reels/spools, but I couldn't find the thread/link for it, I know it's there somewhere. He had everything set up nice and neat, but since he makes and sells lanyards/fobs, he goes thru a lot more, and buying the cord by the huge reels/spools probably helps keep things organized.

I really don't have very much paracord left right now and haven't ordered any since last year. I've got so much 2mm cord that I bought off ebay(cost per foot way lower than paracord), it'll probably take me years to use it up. =)