Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wire Ring

I'd bought some craft wire a couple of months back to try making Turk's Head rings for myself after seeing a few examples on various web sites. Here's a tutorial and a couple of others that make them in precious metals, here and another here. There are many others showing great craftsmanship if you google them.

Being the amateur knot tyer that I am, I tried making a couple as I would with cord and the wire easily gets twisted and kinked up. The one pictured was done around a 1/2" section of PVC pipe in a 5 lead 4 bight Turk's Head knot with two passes of copper colored wire and one pass in between those with silver colored wire. It came out a bit rough looking so I'll have to keep trying.

Tried another with black and green.


Mauser*Girl said...

I know you said it's a bit rough looking, but I think it looks really great, especially since it's your first try doing this with metal wire.

Stormdrane said...

Thanks =) The wire has a vinyl sleeve over it, clear for the silver and copper colors and colored versions for the others in the kit.

All the twisting and kinks kind of made the clear cover turn chalky white on the inside. I should probably try following the tutorial method with a dowel and nails.

k13pt0 said...

man that ring looks awesome ... i MUST have one now haha.. great job Stormdrane :)

BARZ said...

So sweet! I've tried the same with with really small stuff. Came out cool but I couldn't keep 'em together. Did you solder the ends?

Either way, it looks great. Keep up the good work.

Stormdrane said...

I just clipped the ends with wire cutters. The wire is stiff enough to hold it's shape well, but I probably should solder the ends just to make sure they don't jab into my finger.

Infinite Cosmos said...

that is really beautiful! i would definitely wear that :-)

Anonymous said...

I fail to find any imperfections in the rings. Very cool, and I'm trying to make one of my own right now! I decided to use the dowel and pins method, because my understanding of turk's head knots is shaky at best. Thank you for writing this blog, it has inspired me to try soooo many new knots!

Ruben said...

Hello Stormdrane,
I want to ask for Your help with some details for this ring, I would be thankful, if You would reply.

I wanted to know if the number of bights is even with pins on the rod right? And with this rings You went 3 times around. What I don't understand is the steps of going over and under the pins.

And the other is where and how did You finish the ends, because it can't be seen, of course that is good, but I couldn't figure it out.

Thank You for Your help, and Happy Holidays, also I want some rings for gifts, that is my reason for asking You.


Stormdrane said...

@Ruben, I can't be of much help regarding the pins, as I just tied the wire the same way I do with cord, no pins.

More complex turks head knots, whether tied with wire or cord, do need pins on a cylinder to help tie them, and I think you'll find someone that may be able to better answer you questions on the KHWW.net website/forums. There's at least a couple of folks there that have made wire rings/jewelry. :)