Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some red 1.4mm braided nylon line using a 3 peg knitting spool, over a length of gutted black paracord with lanyard knots/loop on the ends.


Brian said...

Nice work Stormdrane ~ couple of questions...

1) what is the knot at the end of the red line closest to the metal clip meant to attach to your belt loop?

2) how do you connect the black line through the center of the braid to the flat black line with the lanyard knots?

TIA ~ Shamr0ck

Stormdrane said...

1) That's not actually a knot. After finishing an end of a knitting spool braid, I ran the end thru the three peg loops, to prevent unraveling) and then worked the end of the cord around the top of the braid 3 or 4 times and melted the end with a soldering iron.

I've used needle/thread to finish them like that as well when using cotton cord. I think I've posted some like that before if you look thru my 'Older Posts'.

2)The black length of paracord was put thru the knitting spool first, then I worked the red cord around it. I made the lanyard knots/loops on the ends after finishing with the red cord at the length I wanted it.

The ends of the red cord can be discretely sewed or super glued next to the lanyard knots to prevent the red cord from moving. If this isn't done, I could hold the paracord and scrunch up the red cord by pulling in opposite directions.

I also could have just taken the end strand of the red cord and pulled it up thru the center of the lanyard knot, and made a small stopper knot. That would be an alternative to wrapping the ends like I did.

Brian said...

Stormdrane ~ thanks for the clarification. I'm just getting started with this addiction and have seen plenty of your work on your blog and over at KHWW.

I'm not having much luck though finding nice, small diameter, single color nylon cord. Are there reliable suppliers you've had luck with in the past for this type of cord?

I use plenty of paracord and accessory line from climbing rope manufacturers, but the accessory line is almost always larger in diameter, stiffer and multi-colored so the end result of braiding on a spool is not as impressive as a single color braid.

Again ~ TIA

Stormdrane said...

Most of the smaller 1mm-2mm stuff I have came from ebay(mowfugger is the seller), but not a lot of variety in color(sometimes the colors bleed a bit) and you have to buy a huge amount on a spool, but it's still good cord.

R&W Rope Warehouse makes a variety of cordage with different materials. I've seen them mentioned by IGKT members before. Their 'Handy Hundred' cords are available in a variety of colors/diameters. I've only had contact with them thru email, but their response was to call them and tell 'em what you're looking for. They're not set up to sell online, but I'm sure they could help you if you call them. (800) 260-8599

Teri said...

Do you know about lucets? link They are great for making a nice square cord. For some reason, the knitted stuff reminded me of them. I spent my weekend braiding hay strings into goat halters, using a six strand braid. I'm still having some problems finishing them off nicely though.

Stormdrane said...


Yes, I saw them when I first came across the knitting spools. I haven't bought or made one yet, but I do want to try using one with various cordage to see how it comes out(other than using my fingers or two pegs from a knitting spool). Thanks for the link. =)


Roni said...

I love the spool knitting idea. I haven't done that since I was a kid. Ordering type 1 to give it a try. Thanks for the projects. Love your blog. Keep it up!