Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doubled knife lanyard knot

This is another knot for a simple looking lanyard. When done, you have a short loop on one end and a long loop on the other with the ends of the cord hidden within the knot.

I used maroon paracord and added a #1 size Nite Ize S-BINER and attached a Victorinox Sportsman II SAK.

I used my copy of 'The Book of Decorative Knots' by Peter Owen as a reference for the doubled knot. 

*There was a photo tutorial for tying this type lanyard on the old site, but it's gone now and I haven't seen it elsewhere.

You can slide a cord lock or bead on, and use as an adjustable wrist lanyard.

Here's another made with some shock cord/bungee cord.

I added 4 lead 3 bight Turk's Head knots over the doubled lanyard knots. One done with some glow-in-the-dark cord.


Shawn said...

cool Idea I got to try this.

t3k3l said...

that tutorial on the knot heads world wide website is one of the more confusing I've seen. I can't seem to follow it once you have to double back the ends. Any chance you have another tutorial?

Stormdrane said...

Here's another online tutorial showing the doubling of the lanyard knot:

Boatswain's Whistle Knot (Doubled)

t3k3l said...

Perfect! Much easier to follow. Thanks alot!

Grayson said...

I finally got the Complete book of Decorative Knots and I Love IT! About this project, what size slide cord locks fit the 550 paracord? Does it have to be big enough to slide two pieces through or just one? Okay, thanks.

Stormdrane said...

Most cord locks that I've used are of a similar size, like like the ones on this page from Lighthound, will fit two strands of paracord(with inner strands intact. They also work fine on one strand, like you might see commonly used on the waist or hood strings of a jacket.

Ben said...

Hi! Inspired by your blog I bought 100 ft of cord and started tying this lanyard. Thanks to your instructions, I have the double lanyard knot done perfectly with one small loop at the end.

I looked at the Knot Heads tutorial for adding the second, large loop to the knot - but that's where I lose the plot. Right after "shorten one lead to about an an inch long," I get absolutely baffled. He says "follow the left lead" - does that mean thread the long lead along the path of the short lead? The illustrations are confusing. Do you have any other resources for this part of the knot?

Stormdrane said...

Ben, so you've made a loop and then a doubled lanyard knot. Now you have two strands coming from the knot(not yet fully tightened the knot). Once you have the hang of this, you'll have a long cord and a short cord coming from the knot. With the shorter one being worked out of the knot and the longer used for the loop and replacing the path of the shorter.

Take one cord and pull/work it back out of the knot by just one turn. Now take the other cord and follow it into and out that turn(I use hemostats for this), making a loop and sizing it as you want.

Now take the first cord again, and pull/work it back out another turn, and again follow it with the cord you made the loop with.

Again, pull the first cord back one more turn and follow it with the other. At this point, I don't pull the first cord back anymore, but take the following cord and work it under/over/beside that first cord and out where it went in, so they overlap in that part of the knot.

Now you tighten up and work the slack out of the doubled knot, then trim and tuck both of those working ends. With everything tightened, those ends aren't gonna work/come loose and you have a loop on both sides of the knot with the ends out of sight.

Hope that helps.

Alan said...

I LOVE this blog. Quick question though. U say u used Owen's book as a reference. I have been through the book and can only find a picture of the lanyard on pg 11 tied to a whistle. Where are the actual instructions?

Alan said...

OOPS! Never mind dude! I just noticed the pic on pg 11 is NOT a doubled lanyard knot. Perhaps the large loop is sewn together or something. I am gonna assume the reference u referred to was for the doubled lanyard knot on pg 48 yes?

Stormdrane said...

Alan, yes, the doubled lanyard knot instructions are on pgs 48-49. The single lanyard knot on pg 11 uses the same method of making a loop on the other side of the knot though.

Both start with a loop, the lanyard knot or doubled lanyard knot is tied, then two strands are left coming out the other side.

You pull one of those strands back out of the knot and use the other strand to follow/take the place of it. I use hemostats to work/pull the cords through the knot. This creates the second loop on the other side of the knot.

I do one turn at a time, pull one cord out, follow with the other, pull it back another turn, follow with the other, and again.

Now you can make sure everything is tight, and then trim and tuck both of those ends. If you got it tightened up well enough, it's not going to come loose. Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

This Youtube vid seems to show the same knot (with one loop) I suppose if I took one of the ends out and followed with the other I could get two loops, right?

Anonymous said...

Do you start with your line with equal length tails?

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, JD's(TIAT) video shows a two color version, so there's two strands coming out on each side of the doubled knot.

You can take one strand and back it out a few turns while following it with the other strand to creat a loop on each side of the doubled knot. Then tighten it all up.

The two colors would make this a bit tedious compared with a single color knot of one strand, but still doable with patience, to end up with loops on each side. But, trying to keep the color scheme of the doubled knot may not work out as you expect... ;)

Give it a try and see what you end up with.

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, One length will be longer than the other since it creates the loop and follows the shorter cord as it is backed out of the knot. ;)