Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to tie a lanyard knot...

I use this knot often because it looks nice, is functional, and easy to learn. This is just a short video showing how I learned to tie a lanyard knot with a loop. After tying, if the loop is the size you want, just work the slack out of the knot and tighten it up.

If you need the loop shorter, find one end of the loop lead and create some slack to work thru the knot as shown in the video. To make it longer, use one of the cords opposite the loop and work that slack towards the loop.

This knot goes by several names, here are a few more online links, that show up in a Google search, to help learn it from different perspectives:

Decorative knots #8

A simple lanyard knot

Diamond knot

Boatswain's whistle knot

Lanyard loop knot


Anonymous said...

Stromdrane, thank you so much! This has been a very frustrating knot for me to learn but with your tutorial I finally did it! Once again I am inspired by your work. thank you for sharing.
gaadgetjack on EDC forums

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot. Very helpful vedio. My site also have animated fishing knots ..You can recomend my site here is my site link

Anonymous said...

Good video and i downloaded with

Anonymous said...

This will be highly useful for me!
Keep posting! I will keep learning.

Bcubed said...

Stormdrane, I have completed a practice snake knot key fob which turned out great. Would like to end it with a manrope knot, but am struggling with that knot. I have found some illustrations and animations of that one, but tying it successfully is illuding me. Any help with it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing and being such a great teacher!!

Stormdrane said...

I've not done the manrope knot more than a few times, so I'm not very proficient at it.

Googling the knot brings up quite a few examples and looking at each of them to get several possible views, is something I do to help learn a knot.

I know there's a tutorial for it on the KHWW site that I'd looked at a while back.

Bcubed said...

Thanks stormdrane. I'v Googled it too. Was just hoping that you had some insights to share. I'll keep working at it and get my mind wrapped around it eventually. In the meantime, I'v set it aside and have started working on another challenge, which has my brain steaming, lol. It is a single strand eight plait grommet. There are some pics of how to do it on Knotworkn site ( (My big problem is that I have no books on knots to use for reverence yet. I am a basket weaver, recently picking up knotting. I'v not had enough birthdays or Christmas holidays to work on a library of reference books yet. LOL) I'v got it done up to the last time around each way and keep getting stuck. I have an application for it. We have a new horse trailer which has no inside tie loops to tie horses to on transport. I want to weave that grommet around a center post on either side of the trailer, then I will make some trailer ties with quick release panic hooks on the grommet end for trailering. There will be 2 horses on each grommet. I just need to find some very strong thin cord to make the grommet out of. When done, the grommet will have 8 layers of cord for strength and it needs to be of a finished dia to fit the business end of the panic snap. What type of cord would you recomend? It needs to be thin, but very strong. I would assume one of the paracords keeping in the core. I am not all that familiar with cords. Thanks again!!

Stormdrane said...

I think one of my knot books has that grommet in it, and I tried it a couple of years ago, unsuccessfully, and haven't revisited it again, yet. The link you posted looks to have more info than the book version.

I'd think 550 paracord with the inner strands intact for strength, would be the best cord to use for your application, once you get that last bit figured out =).

Anonymous said...

Hey.. very good video. :)

Just wondering though, what's the song you used?

Thanks a lot!

Stormdrane said...

I don't know the name of the song, I believe it was a sample clip from 'Windows' several years ago.

Anonymous said...

oh.. well, thanks anyways! :D

demuredemeanor said...

Thank you for posting this video, it did a great job of teaching me what to do. ^_^

walt_l said...

Thanks Stormdrane, you've rekindled a passion for knotting. Other than ABOK which I've had for the past 35 years, what other books have you found helpful in learning to tie various knots?

Stormdrane said...

Here are three that I have and like:

'Creative Ropecraft'

'The Book of Decorative Knots'

'The Complete Book of Decorative Knots'