Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Paracord lanyard shoulder strap extender

This has been in my closet for awhile and since I'm hoping to go to the Blade Show this weekend, I would be taking my bag with me. I know paracord has been used to repair broken straps on packs and bags before, but I've not seen anyone use a paracord lanyard as a shoulder strap extender and thought someone might find the idea useful.

I've had my messenger/laptop bag for at least 6 or 7 years now, and the one thing that has bugged me about it is the shoulder strap. Even when fully extended, it's too short for my liking. If worn across the body, the bag sits mid-torso under my arm, just not comfortable for me. I'd prefer it extend down to where the bag sits on my hip.

I used about 12 feet of paracord which makes it a little longer than the usual paracord lanyard that I make like this. The lanyard with the swivel clip has about a 1 foot finished length to add to the shoulder strap. If I needed the lanyard for something else, it can be easily removed. The paracord could be tied directly to the bag for a more permanent solution if someone preferred it that way.


SCGobbler said...

I am continually amazed at your talent. Looking forward to your every post!

TFSDude said...

So what did you think about the Blade show? I drooled over some Damascus pieces, but ended up just picking up a few $20 assisted folders for birthday presents. Saw a few Atwood knockoffs, that didn't seem to have nearly the utility, and were priced high enough that I didn't feel bad about not buying them :)

War Eagle

Stormdrane said...

I did go up to the Blade Show on Saturday, walked around for a few hours and chatted with some folks. I had a good time.

I couldn't afford to buy anything, but I did get a hat pin/tie tack, from the Spyderco booth, of the Caspian Salt knife. It even had a lanyard hole, so I put a monkey's fist on it. Photo of the little bugger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stormdrane! Great blog and info. I was at Blade with my son on Saturday. Went there looking for a Swiss Army knife for his birthday and didn't see a darn one. What we did find was a guy selling lanyards and monkey fists. Got one of each and we're new to the craft of knot making.

CFD Logaville, GA

Anonymous said...

It was very nice to see your work up close at the blade show on saturday. And to meet the gentleman in person. The photo do not do the work justice. Radarooneone.