Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trail Master sheath with a TH knot

I added a 16L3B Turk's Head knot to this Cold Steel Trail Master sheath.

I started with a 50 foot length of paracord and could have added a fifth pass to use up most of that, but stopped at four passes. That used right at 38 feet of cord.

It's just a different way to carry some extra cordage. If I needed to use some of that cord, I could unwork part or all of the knot. It comes apart a lot faster than it took to make it.

I took the remaining 12 feet, doubled it up, then tied it into a hangman's noose/coil knot on the leg strap part of the sheath.  This can also be worn around the wrist as a paracord bracelet if you size it right.  You just have to make sure the coils are tight so they don't get snagged and pulled loose...


Trip_Wir3 said...

I like that idea of having extra rope/cord added without taking up much space, it also adds style to the turks head. Nice work!

f said...

I really like your blog. My favorite.
Could you tell me how to end the Turks Head? I am starting to get the hang of tying the TH but I'm not sure about how to tie it off. Especially when you run another color into the mix.


Stormdrane said...

One way to finish the Turk's Head knots is take the working end(or ends if multiple colors) and run it under the rest of the knot after you've made your desired number of passes. This way it comes out the opposite end of the standing end(s).

This is done before tightening the knot up. After tightening, just trim the the working and starting ends and tuck them into/under the knot so they're out of sight.

Trip_Wir3 said...

Nice idea about the finishing of the knot, I didn't consider that, I had been just hiding the ends about on bight into the knot and maybe applying a small amount of glue... but I think the way you speak of would be better.
Thanks Stormdrane!

Velu said...

Great looking stuff. Don't always write, but do check in to your work here.

Keep up the good work.

Mohamed said...

Could you please show us the sheath part only how you got it on and closed it on both sides

Stormdrane said...

Here's a photo link for the back side of the Trailmaster sheath with the paracord turks head knot.

When you tie a turks head, you can tie it directly on the object or tie it on something else first, then slide it onto the object, then tighten it up and work the slack out to finish.

jerry said...

Hi, i know this is a really old post but could you show how you tied the coil knot that hangs from the sheath

Stormdrane said...

@Jerry, The 'coil' knot is just a simple hangman's noose. Instead of tying it with a single strand, I doubled up the cord and treated the two strands like it was one.

I used a 12 foot length of cord, folded in in half, so there's now a doubled up 6 foot length, and tied the noose.