Saturday, September 06, 2008

Coast LED flashlight wrap and lanyard

I've had this small Eddie Bauer/Coast flashlight for awhile and because it doesn't have any texturing/knurling on the head or body, it wasn't easy to twist on/off one-handed. Adding a Turk's head knot helps.

I extended one of the bights of this 'long 3 bight turks head', made with 1.4mm nylon cord, for use as a wrist lanyard. I added the Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet over that single strand.

There's almost 12 feet of cord used in the TH knot and close to another 10 feet for the wrist lanyard.


Trip_Wir3 said...

You sure turn out some quality items Stormdrane. Great Job!

Stormdrane said...

Thank you, Sir.

danielgreen said...

yo stormdrane ypu probably dont know who i am. im just another dude that likes your blog. its awesome email me sometime at if you dont already know my name is daniel. your website rules
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Velu said...

Great work stormdrane. Tell me what do you do with all the finished products? Do you unravel them, or give them out as gifts to friends or even sell them at a local store?

Cheers & keep up the good work.


Stormdrane said...

I keep some of the things I make, sometimes reusing the cord for other projects. I give some to friends and family.

I occasionally sell some locally, mostly folks from the family church.

I used to sell some on various online forums, but I was getting burned out on doing that and it wasn't really profitable. After postage expenses, gas for going to and from the post office, and all the time involved, I rarely sell anything online anymore.

I sell just enough to get more cord to sustain my hobby and that satisfies me. =)

Unknown said...


I was looking for how to tie a turks head knot and ran across your blog a few weeks ago.
Since then I have dug out all my old para cord and started knotting again.

Heck I even made a few spools and learned how to braid from your you tube clip. I just had to tie that dang turkshead.......

I knew most of the basic stuff sinnets and monkeys fists etc. But now I'm hooked on the braiding with a spool. My dog now has a new leash and I spend $100 at ubraidit in the last week!

Thanks for reawakening my inner knot head through your great blog.

danielgreen said...

foshizel you website rules i made some grips and lanyards for my knives they look awesome now, thanks to you. once again your website rules. oh what i was trying to do before on my last comment before my friend messed me up :


Anonymous said...

You could use some of the same cord and tie a woven ring knot or 5p4b on the head to help turn it on and off. The lack of grip on some lights annoys me, also.

I really enjoy your site and have referred it to my dad. He usually braids with leather and when he looked over your site, he asked where to find paracord.

Keep up the good work. I enjoy your tutorials. They have helped me learn the Turk's Head. I could figure out most of the others, just had problems with the TH knots. And once I figured them out, the woven ring came along real easy.

Thank you.