Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cross Knot Lanyard...

I've blogged on this knot before, as the Chinese Crown Knot. I bring it back up since it's one of the knots shown in Decorative Fusion Knots by JD of Tying It All Together. It's one of those knots that works well for a lanyard/fob/bracelet, when tied in a series, and a longer length of them has the look of a chain.

The knots have a square pattern on one side and a cross pattern on the other, which I think goes well with the Victorinox and Wenger Swiss cross shields.

I used about 6 feet of 2.4mm braided nylon cord to make this lanyard with a finished length of around 1.5 feet, adding a snap hook. I started from the center of the length of cord and made each knot about 3/4" to 1" apart, just doing it by eye instead of using a ruler. I finished by wrapping both ends around a swivel snap hook, loosely tying a lanyard knot, pulling the whole length of the lanyard through the center of the lanyard knot, then tightened it up to finish, trimmed and tucked the ends.

A Victorinox Blue Alox Farmer (a gift from friend SwissBianco back in 2007) shown attached to the lanyard.

And shown done with two different types/sizes/colors of cord with the knot doubled, and used with paracord for a wallet chain/lanyard.


Mrcnsmile said...

WOW~ I really like your blog
welcome to my blog!

STSCM(SS/DV) said...

Okay, trying to figger out how to send you an email, unable to. I'm the most beginner of beginner knot tying puke yo've ever met, but I like what's I's sees and wants to learn more. Ashamed I'm a MC from the Navy and still can't tie my shoes, ergo the cowboy boots. So if you could instruct me slowly, with lots of repeats, how the heck do I do what you do?

Stormdrane said...

@STSCM, I can receive email at "stormdrane at hotmail dot com". I don't list it on the blog because of all the spam I get, sometimes so much that there's too much to look through and all is deleted, but I try to answer what I can.

There's tons of online knotting info, so buying lots of books isn't necessary to learn, but having them to see different perspectives on the same knots can help with learning to tie them. Check your local library for some of them.

Many of the online forums I'm on have some sections for displaying knot work, and you can get ideas for tying things from them. There are informative websites, like and, that have many knowledgeable knot tyers among the membership, that are glad to help, explain, and answer knotty topics in the forums. I still think of myself as an 'amateur' knot tyer, working with what I find to be the 'easier stuff' to tie, so I often refer questions to the more knot knowledgeable folks on the forums.

YouTube and the Instructables website are full of knot related tutorials and projects too.

Start with something simple, have patience, and with every little success, the addiction takes hold. ;)

C.R.H said...

@STSCM you can also check and type in the knot you are lookiing for and they have easy step by step videos to show you how to tie many of these knots.

Stormdrane you blog has inspired me to try new projects with my roll of paracord. Thanks for the great ideas!!


edwardo newberelli said...

dude, howzit... havin trouble with that cross bro..seems not the same as chinese cross, ant tutz avalible anywhere...? thanx..

Stormdrane said...

@edwardo, at the link for the previous post on the Chinese Crown knot, one of the links shows the same knot, under another name.