Monday, September 16, 2013

Pass the bar with some light prying...

I received a few new items from County Comm a couple weeks back and spent some time trying different things, and after some trial and error, I finally have some knot work on each of them.  

I added a paracord handle wrap to the new C.E.R.T. Bar, a modified version of their Breacher Bar with a gas shut off wrench.

I started by doing common whipping with gutted navy blue paracord around the grip area, then tied a Gaucho knot with a long gutted length of neon green paracord, using a 20 foot long piece to work with, since I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to tie or how much I'd need.

After tightening up the Gaucho knot, I continued with the same strand and did some stair step stitching down the center of the common whipping wrap, then tied a Spanish ring knot over the top end of the whipping.

Continuing again with the same strand, I did more stair step stitching on the other side of the handle back toward the Gaucho knot, tucking and trimming the ends to finish.  I actually only ended up using about 6 feet of the neon green paracord, so fiddling with all that extra is just how it is sometimes.

I also added a short loop of paracord with a lanyard knot to the bar's lanyard hole, for a little finger loop retention, or just hanging the tool up on a peg board, hook, or nail in the wall for storage..

The new Maratac AAA Rev 3 flashlight got a Gaucho knot tied around it with another leftover piece of leather lace.  The glow diffuser that comes with the light lets it work like a lantern, and since it glows-in-the-dark, you can even read by it after you turn the light off.    

The 2" and 3" Titanium Widgy Bars with a satin finish are nice little EDC key chain pry tools.  I added a 0.9mm black cord common whipping wrap to the Pico, then tied a white 0.9mm cord Gaucho knot over that.

And for the 3" Micro, I used some 1.4mm orange cord to tie a Spanish ring knot, then tightly coiled a wrap down for a short length before tying another Spanish ring knot.

I may go back and see if I can do some stitching with 0.9mm cord, but I may have to loosen up the wraps to be able to work a lacing needle around them.

Got out my Breacher Bar with kydex sheath, and the C.E.R.T. Bar fits just fine in the sheath.


Unknown said...

Hey good morning to you Stormdrane,I can see how you did the gaucho and did your stitch off that to the spanish ring.How did you do your whipping? When doing the Gaucho w/gutted paracord is it hard to keep organized and tight? I love seeing how your mind works in all your designs only wish mine did the same!Well SD have a great day and thanks Scot

Stormdrane said...

@Scot, The common whipping wrap around the handle is tied just the same way as is commonly used with smaller string/twine tied around the end of a rope to help keep it from unraveling. Here's an example link.

When doing the Gaucho with gutted cord, you just have to take care to keep the cord flat and untwisted as you tie it and gradually tighten it up/work the slack out, taking your time and doing it over a couple of passes instead of trying to tighten it up in just one go. ;)

GoingKnots said...

Stormdrane may I add.When tying the Breacher bar, thinking ahead can really pay off.Several flat,lightweight,and valuable items can be tied underneath the handle.I used a little blue painters tape to secure items before tying.Some U.S. currency helps to wrap the items in as well.You just never know!