Sunday, June 01, 2014


It's June, 2014, and summer will soon be upon us, but the temperatures lately make it seem like it's already here.

If you have air conditioning, enjoy it while you do some knot work.  Here's a selfie pic I took in a moment of boredom, lol...

Some recent projects:

A two-peg spool knit paracord lanyard with Sailors Cross Knot, all one continuous 17+ foot long length of paracord.

A single pass gutted paracord Sailors Cross Knot with dog tags.

Removed a worn and dirty paracord T-handle Turk's head knot off one of my dad's walking canes and adding a pair of gaucho fan knots on each side of a long 4 bight knot.

Some ITW Nexus cordlocs with leather knot work.  Toaster and GTSP models shown.

Tied these after learning the basic patterns shown in Chad Poole's book, 'Crafting with Paracord'.

And received some new nickel plated brass lacing needles, from Facebook friend Bart, to play around with.  They all worked nicely with tying some Sailors Cross Knots to give away to friends and family that have brought food by the house to help out my mom when she's not feeling well after chemotherapy.


m.e. said...

Is there a pattern/design that comes to mind for you that could work to make z's with contrasting colors for a bracelet design? I am trying to figure out something for doing fundraising for research for a sleep disorder that I have. I made some loom band type bracelets, which obviously don't hold up over the long term and I'd much rather make something with paracord, but haven't found a pattern that works. Here's a link to a pic of the loom style one. I didn't know of something like gaucho could be incorporated (I am new to paracord for this) or if maybe the stitching type stuff I've seen on some of your projects could work to make z's?

Anonymous said...

Sir, what knife is that you did the bug belly bar on?
Thank you

Stormdrane said...

@m.e., Stitching might give the desired look, but you'd have to experiment with different base paracord bracelets to see which works best.

You may find an existing pattern that may work by looking through JD's(TIAT) gallery or this archive . ;)

Stormdrane said...

@Anonymous, I used a 'Mantis Picker I ' with tying the Bug Belly Bar.

d said...

Selfie get the thumbs up. (:

Anonymous said...

Hey Storm I hope all is well. This has nothing to do with any of your posts, but I need some help making a hammock. I've tried a couple of times using this video
but I can't seem to get it right. Should it be tied tight, snug, or loose? Or is there any other way to make one (without knots)? Maybe you could do a video tutorial... :)