Thursday, June 12, 2014

ICONic knot work...

I remember first seeing the ICON brand flashlights online over five years ago and added them to my mental wish list at the time, wanting to wait until the prices came down a bit.

The ROGUE models, that run with 1AA and 2AA batteries, have an interesting body shape with cutout sections that beg for some knot work or even just a simple coiled wrapping with paracord, as others were quick to do when they were new on the market.  A CandlePowerForums member put a leather wrap on one.

Since they aren't fitted with particularly bright LEDs, the stock that's still out there can be found fairly cheap if you shop around.  I bought a few to victimize with a bit of cord work, and can later use them for gifts to friends and family that aren't flashaholics, and will still appreciate having an LED flashlight on hand that's still better than the old incandescents.

The battery section of the ROGUE light is actually a triangular shape with 3 cutouts around the circumference  For a ROGUE I model, I did some vertical hitching with a blue paracord, using just over five feet of cord with the inner strands intact.  On another I coiled some red reflective paracord(ungutted) around the body, which only took about four feet of cord, and on a third light I tied a long 2 bight Turk's head knot around the outer section of the cutouts, using 1.4mm cord.

For the longer bodied ICON ROGUE II, I tied 3 lead 5 bight Turk's head knots in gutted neon green and black paracord, along side a Gaucho knot around each of the two cutouts along the length.  

On the ICON SOLO pen light, I added a 3 lead TH knot, expanded that and worked in a Gaucho pattern, using 0.9mm orange cord.

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