Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall projects...

County Comm sent me a care package this month, including a couple of the Waterproof Stainless Steel Pico Pulls, Grab & Go First Aid Kit, a couple of 100 foot hanks of Para-tape Ultra Compact Cord in black and ACU Digital Camo, and a red/black Waterproof Delrin Pico Pull that I added to my Limited Edition VENOM Mochibag.

I used the red/black Pico Pull on a short loop of gutted red paracord(tucked/sewn together) to replace the adjustable buckle pull tab on the VENOM bag, adding a few gaucho knots, tied with black and red 0.9mm cord.  I put the cool Grab & Go First Aid Kit in the zippered pouch of the bag.

I tied a couple of zipper pull/keyfobs with the stainless Pico Pulls.  First a small gutted loop of paracord was run through the pull lanyard hole, tucked into itself and securely sewn together with needle and thread.  That left a small loop at the other end for a small split ring, then more knot work was done over the paracord, like the example shown with a long 4 bight Turk's head knot, which was done with gutted navy blue paracord, and orange 0.9mm cord added in with the pineapple knot interweave.

And did some West Country Whipping with gutted 425 licorice paracord(red/black) with ends trimmed/melted, over a fixed loop(sewn together) of gutted 550 paracord(4 inch leftover scrap), attached to the other stainless steel pico pull.  This one has a half dozen Benadryl inside.

The Para-tape is the paracord outer sheath, flattened and without any inner strands, and is still fairly strong cord on its own(250lb test).  It's good for utility uses or for knotting projects where you might have planned to gut the cord anyway and toss the remains.

If I don't end up using those hanks for a possible paracord weaving project that would require a very long length of gutted cord(on the planned to-do list), I may keep one compact hank in the truck glove box and the other in a bug-out-bag. Although I have other paracord with the inner strands intact for just-in-case, I like having the extra cord around and that it takes up less storage space.


Willy Fisterbottom said...

I'm trying to duplicate the 4 bight knot you have over the cord with the orange small line. I've tied a few 4 bight tk's before but never a small one in length.How many revolutions did you make? I know there is a mathmatical imposibility with even number of leads.

Stormdrane said...

For the 4 bight TH with the pineapple interweave, I started off with the 2 bight knot of just a couple wraps, then raised it to a 4 bight TH before finishing with the orange cord pineapple work.