Sunday, November 02, 2014

ABoK #802, A two-strand lanyard knot...

As knot #802 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', Ashley says it has "...somewhat the character of the diamond knot.", found on page 145 of the book, and is a two-strand version of knot #758, Captain Charles W. Smith's Sinnet Knot.

I added a couple of gaucho knots with 0.9mm cord over the paracord end strands exiting the knot, and would use this one as a zipper pull, keyfob, or knife/flashlight lanyard...


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jimmyd said...



I have been working on the gaucho knots. I have tied the 5L 4B Turks head for a week, and the gaucho for two weeks. I finally can sit down and make both without having to watch your tutorial. I'm glad you can't break the YouTube video for rewinding and pausing to much, lol. Thanks for posting it. If you don't mind can you elaborate on the 3 pass gaucho more if you have time. I guess I don't understand the concept. The Turks head is just starting to make sense to me.
Jimmy ad

Stormdrane said...

@jimmyd, I was looking for where I know I've put this up before for others, somewhere in the blog/comments or on a forum/message, but couldn't recall when/where, so I'll add it again here, lol.

Once you're familiar with the 5L4B TH knot, and then the Gaucho knot interweave, working in the 3 pass Gaucho is no hard too hard to do.

You start with a 5L4B TH knot, with enough slack to add in the gaucho and then the 3 pass gaucho.

Once you've worked in the gaucho pattern, you start the 3 pass similarly by going over the standing end and work up U2 O2 U2 O3 then down U2 O2 U3 O3, then up U2 O2 U3 O3, then down U2 O3 U3 O3, then up U2 O3 U3 O3, then down U3 O3 U3 O3, then tuck to the right of the standing end to complete the pattern.

From there, go back and gradually work out the slack from start to finish tightening up the knot and keeping it neat as you go.

If you had enough room, you could continue further passes, continuing again to the left of the standing end, up U3 O3 U3 O4, and so on with that pattern sequence...

Bud Brewer's tutorial for the 3 pass Gaucho is in the files section of the KHWW Facebook group. ;)

d said...

Re: "I added a couple of gaucho knots with 0.9mm cord over the paracord end strands exiting the knot...."

They add such a nice touch! :thumbsup:

jester said...

Hello Stormdrane -- I've noticed when I tie these or the Matthew Walker knots as zipper pulls, they tend to get a twist in the loop part. Am I doing something wrong, is it inexperience, or is that just how they end up? Thanks, Eric

Stormdrane said...

@jester, With many different knots that you may tie for zipper pulls/lanyards/fobs, twist can easily develop in the loop/attachment part as you tie, but you can work it out carefully before you finally tighten up the knot. It just takes practice. ;)