Saturday, November 08, 2014

Fan Knots on Fire

County Comm sent me a couple of their new stainless steel Peanut XL Lighters last week.  Their larger size allows for more lighter fluid stored in the reservoir, so you get much more usage out of a refill than with the smaller Peanut and Split Pea(copper, brass, titanium) versions and longer burn time if using it in candle mode.

The XL versions come with a spare o-ring and a couple of extra flints that you can tuck in the bottom of the lighter to have handy for replacement when the one in use wears down.  The o-rings also help with keeping the lighter fluid from evaporating when the cap is screwed down.

I followed Mabel Marble's video tutorial for tying  a couple of the 5 lead 9 bight fan knots, with gutted paracord around one of the lighters.  With the smooth surface I needed a strip of extreme tape around the body and cap of the lighter to keep the tightened knots from sliding off.

 Whenever I see someone find a zippo lighter, in a TV show/movie, that hasn't been used in weeks/months/years and it lights right up, I call shenanigans, cause folks with experience know that unless the lighter is sealed in an airtight container, the fluid tends to have long since evaporated.  
Another recent project was tying a pineapple knot with bookend gaucho knots around a black TAC Link carabiner with black and red 1/16" cord, for attachment to my Stormdrane logo Limited Edition VENOM mochi drawstring backpack.

The red aluminum waterbottle with storage compartment on the bottom, shown with my bag in the photo, is the same one I've had for a few years, mentioned in a previous blog post.

I bought the red hand towel to hang on the bag, as demonstrated in the Mochibrand demo, cause fans of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' know how useful they can be.

Even though I haven't smoked a cigar in over three years now, I still keep lighters handy for melting ends on cord work, lighting candles/incense, and stored in my truck/home/backpack/pouches/bug-out-bags for EDC or zombie apocalypse applications.  One of these XL SS Peanut Lighters is going in my VEMON bag's zippered compartment.


Alan Maynard said...

Sometimes you use cord and sometimes Paracord for your stitching. Is the use of cord used for contrast of texture mainly?

As always, superb workmanship!

Stormdrane said...

@Alan, I like to use different sizes and types and combinations of cord for various projects, because the end results can be quite different even if the same knot work is used, where I might like one result better than another.

I sometimes try tying something with several different types/sizes/colors of cord before I might post a photo or get to the point of doing a blog post.

Many things may just get untied or put aside unfinished and put on a backburner to be revisited at a later date, if it causes some consternation/aggravation and tries my patience, lol...

Alan Maynard said...

That makes perfect sense. I am working on a watch ban and incorporating 1mm Stainless Steel Cord in the paracord ban. It is a little trying but after a few band-aides I finally got it threaded on the small Perma-Lok needle. I was wondering with the cord verse paracord being used if it was a threading headache too.

Stormdrane said...

Sometimes half the battle is getting the cord threaded just right into the needle... ;)

Mabel Marble said...

Thank you for using my tutorial, David. I feel chuffed!

Stormdrane said...

@Mabel, Thank you for sharing your well made and informative video tutorials. :)