Friday, December 26, 2014

Leather lace and ringbolt hitching...

A current project I've been working on is doing some ringbolt hitching with leather lace around a steel ring.

I've watched this YouTube video for the tying process. I haven't finished it yet, having a bit of trouble with the leather breaking on me a few times, because I'd accidentally punctured/tore it with a small sharp leather awl/fid (a gift from my friend, Manny) that I'm using along with a small Perma-Lok lacing needle.

Finishing up with joining the end to the start has been giving me fits with another break in the cord, interfering with a completed seamless look. I may start over and try another with some 'Type I' paracord or other small diameter line which shouldn't have the breakage issues.

This hitching is more elaborate than some others I've done in the past, like alternate & continuous ring hitching, or a simpler ringbolt hitching version.

Bruce Grant's 'Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding' has a few different examples of hitching around rings and belt buckles.

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Dobes said...

My first attempt I broke my leather about a 3rd of the way around. On my second attempt I used the smallest needle I had and no marlin spike. The small needle is flat at the tip and weaves In easily. I made it all the way around and things were looking good until I tried to finish. I haven't been able to clearly follow his finish in the video. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm.