Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vertical Crown Knot Cross

William "Mr Bill" Johnson recently uploaded a video tutorial to YouTube showing how to tie a paracord cross using the 'Vertical Crown Knot'.

He provides good instruction that's easy to follow on tying a cross with this method.  I gave it a try with some 1.4mm cord, to make the smaller version shown, trimming the ends and melting them in place with my wood burning tool to finish.  This one is for my pa to put on an edc keyring or wear with his dog tags.

Although not necessary, I may add a light coat of brush on krazy glue to stiffen the cross up a bit, as it is flexible as tied.

With the thinner diameter cord, I probably only used two feet or so in the finished cross, with just a short attachment loop instead of necklace length.  I'd started with four 18" strands which was overkill, so the leftover strands will get tied into some simple zipper pulls to give away...

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