Sunday, August 16, 2015

LED Lantern & SAK knot work...

I'm still gradually using up the spool of orange tether cord that County Comm sent me a couple of years back, sparingly, choosing occasional projects to use it on, like this 7 lead 6 bight doubled Turk's head knot, tied around the switch/battery cap of a UCO Clarus LED collapsible lantern/flashlight.
I thought I'd use some gutted orange paracord for the knot work at first, but the small size of the cap didn't really have enough room, so the 3/32" tether cord worked out alright, with the bights just barely coming up over the edge of the cap, but still letting the lantern collapse down for flashlight mode.


A simple paracord wrist loop with extended two-strand Matthew Walker knot, is ring hitched onto the Victorinox Waiter Swiss Army Knife (SAK), with a gaucho knot over a wooden lanyard bead (1.4mm cord). 


I bought a few of the used TSA confiscated Swiss Army Knives last year, to add a bit of knot work to each and give them to my pa to hand out to some of the volunteers at the church food pantry/homeless ministry that may not have an edc pocket knife.


A friend sent me a knot book that's been on my wish list for a long time, 'Introduction to Turk's-Head Knots' by Tom Hall, and a couple of paracord lanyards that he tied for me.  Thanks, Gary!

And after posting the pic of the book Gary sent me, the JigProShop sent me 'Turk's-Head Workbook' by Tom Hall, a companion book to the first volume.  Thanks, Russell! 

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