Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Current work in progress...

Titan Paracord sent me a hank of their SurvivorCord to evaluate, and I've started tying with it to see how it works with some decorative and useful knot work projects that someone might do to for edc use.

This new 'patent pending' paracord has additional features/components compared to the flood of common commercial grade paracord typically found online and at hobby/craft/hardware/surplus stores nowadays.

In addition to seven three-strand internal nylon braids, it also has copper wire, fishing line, and waxed jute, along with a higher strength rating.

I'll  update as I work with it.

Some product description from thier Amazon page listing:
  • COPPER WIRE - Light and dependable plastic-coated 30 AWG copper wire is perfect for animal snares.
  • FISHING LINE - Includes a single transparent, 25 lb test, high strength mono-filament fishing line.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY - Superior Performance. Satisfaction Guaranteed. U.S. Veteran-Owned Business.
  • PATENT PENDING - Exclusive design adds 3 survival strands to Titan's trusted Military 550 Paracord.
  • WAXED JUTE - Waterproof twisted fiber strands are designed to quickly start fires in an emergency.
Some other folks have also tried out the SurvivorCord, and there are reviews available. Here are a couple, one on a survival blog and another on YouTube.

And a couple of comparison photos of the weight difference, one of the first things I noticed when I held the hank of Titan cord, on my digital scale, between a 100 foot hank of the SurvivorCord (only available in a bronze color currently, a black and brown combination) coming in at 11.8 ounces with the velcro strap, and a 100 foot hank of Paracord Planet commercial type 550 paracord at 7.8 ounces still in the adhesive label wrap. 

Serious backpackers, that track the weight of gear in grams, or folks that load up their pockets with lots of edc gear may take note of the weight, but I don't think a lanyard or half a hank of spare cord carried in a backpack is much of an issue for most...

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