Monday, October 12, 2015

Revisiting Globe Knots

It's been a long time since I tied any globe knots, and recently trying to get one done has led to a bit of frustration with getting the correct core size for the knot I was tying with paracord.

A lot of trial and error is involved sometimes when you're just eyeballing it and making a guesstimate, that leads to tying/untying and trying again until you're satisfied, not having gaps with too large a core, or bunched up and uneven with too small of one.  I ended up using a glass marble for this one.

Shown in my photo is a paracord wrist lanyard with a single pass of a globe knot, a two-strand stopper knot, and a couple of Two-strand wall knots to finish after running the cord through a small split ring with a clip.  The clip makes it easier for attaching/detaching the lanyard, which you might want if you use the screwdrivers on a pocket knife sometimes and a lanyard might get in the way, or want to switch the lanyard over to another knife, multitool, flashlight, keychain, or whatnot.

A knot tying friend reminded me that there's a 'globe knot calculator' out there (meant to be used with the Globe Knot Cookbook, that I don't have but have heard good reviews), and I'm sure I'd bookmarked it when it was mentioned on the old KHWW forums, but the site is gone and I've gone through a couple of hard disk crashes since then, losing a lot of good references with them that I know I should  have saved elsewhere than just on my computer.

I couple of other globe knots ya'll might like to try are an 18 facet and 45 facet knot, both originally shared on the French IGKT forums, but the original links I had for them in previous blog posts went dead, probably due to forum upgrades, but another knot tyer sent me the alternative links which thankfully still work.

The SAK(Swiss Army Knife) shown is a Victorinox Yeoman MS that I got from a friend, SwissBianco, at the Blade Show a few months ago, and the flashlight is a Sunwayman R10R that's been sitting in the gadget drawer since I bought it and hasn't seen the light of day in a while, lol.  The marlinspike in the second pic is a Knotter's Tool that I received from the JigProShop, handy for tightening/loosening knots and storing lacing needles inside as well.

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demuredemeanor said...

The golf ball sized wiffle balls are great for a three pass 45 face with paracord

botfly said...

Hey! Love your work. Where is the best place to get beads and other paracord knot making products?


Stormdrane said...

@Mike, For online supplies, there's ebay and amazon, and vendors like Schmuckatelli Co. and Jig Pro Shop, and others in my blog's links list too.

Brick and mortar craft/hobby stores, like Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry some cord and beads, and some Army/Navy surplus stores may also have a small selection as well...

Cyndi said...

Is there a way to contact you directly? I'm working on a historical project that incorporates knots that look similar to the ones you do (including the ones around the Zippos). I was wondering if I sent you photos, would you be able to help me out? I would, of course, give you credit for your help in my documentation.


Stormdrane said...

I can receive email at: Stormdrane (at) hotmail (dot) com. Glad to help if I can, and if it's something beyond me, I can refer to others in the knot tying community that know more than I. ;)