Friday, October 23, 2015

More SurvivorCord...

I still had some of the SurvivorCord that Titan had sent me left over, shown in a previous blog post, so I added a 22 foot length to an edc boonie hat, tied in a fast deploy chain sinnet.

After tying the chain sinnet around the boonie, I still had a couple of feet of doubled up cord, so I just wrapped it around the crown of the boonie hat and tucked the overhand knot at the end up under a branch loop in the back. How much cord you actually use will depend on your hat size and how tight or loose you tie the chain sinnet, but as mentioned in the annotations of my video tutorial, don't make it too tight or it will affect the fit of the hat.

The overhand knot at the end of the cord for the hatband is used simply for the reason that it's quick to untie should the cord be needed in a hurry and removed from the boonie, and being tucked out of sight, a more decorative knot would be wasted.

I removed the simple paracord loop zipper pull from my VooDoo Tactical Enlarged BDU Wallet and replaced it with a square crown sinnet with wall knots, using a couple of gutted strands of the SurvivorCord.

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