Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Round Crown and Wall Knot Sinnet

Happy Veterans Day!  And, "Thank you!" to those that have served their country!

I recently won a twitter giveaway, hosted by Phil Elmore, 'The Martialist', for an Emerson Kershaw Tactical Kit, consisting of a pocket knife and tactical kubaton pen, both of which are suitable knot work victims, for a lanyard or fob using paracord or smaller diameter cordage.

I added a round crown sinnet with spaced out wall knots with gutted paracord, and finished with an Emerson skull bead from Schmuckatelli Co.  I have a few different Emerson beads that Schmuckatelli Co. sent me a couple of years ago, but this was the first Emerson knife I've owned, even though it's a more affordably priced Kershaw version instead of a direct production Emerson, whose models can easily retail for ten times as much.

The pen is a twisty type, no cap to lose, and has three holes at one end to maybe add to a keyring or attach a short loop of cord to pull the pen from a shirt pocket, and the center grooves look good to add gaucho knots with 0.9mm string...

Since there's no pocket clip on the tactical pen, I added some County Comm Tether Cord for a loop to pull it out of the pen slot on my shirts, with a Mini Vinnie Garoon Cowboy pewter bead to accent the retention loop.  Also shown with a Joe Skull and a Mini Cyber Skull.

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Mark Wing said...

Congrats on the win, and fantastic work as usual.