Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas crosses...

A couple more horseshoe nail crosses with knot work. I bought some pre-bent horseshoe nails off ebay to try out, although they're smaller than the nails I bent by hand with pliers for the original project back in 2012.

I do like the size of these and can still use the 0.9mm string with them.  An alternate cord to try would be nano cord.

Both done with single continuous lengths of string, five feet or so was enough to work with for each cross, tied as described in the linked 'original project above'.  Tying the bottom section first, 'X' wrap the center, tie the top section, then the left arm knot, finishing with the right arm, running the cord under the center 'X' to hide the transitions.  You could use separate strands of cord to do the work as well, whatever works for you. ;)

I did try alternating under/over with the center wrap sections for a crown sinnet design look, but just personally preferred it with two wraps in one direction and the overlapping of the other two wraps.

I tried different lengths for the long four bight Turk's head knots around the lower vertical sections of each cross, 13 lead 4 bight doubled on the first one and 9 lead 4 bight doubled on the other, and gaucho knots on the arms.

For the necklace cords I used Atwood utility cord instead of thicker paracord, black on one and olive drab with black tracer on the other, tied with double fisherman's bends. A couple of small copper colored split rings used for attachment, where the end users can change out the cord to add a chain or use on a keyring if they desired.

Tying the small diameter knot work in place around the previously krazy/super glued together cross sections is difficult for me, with with the neuropathy in my hands and occasional finger cramps, and focusing on close up work is hard on my eyes too, lol.
  I think it takes my twice as long to finish the same amount of knot work I might have done just a few years ago...

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Thomas Xavier said...

Those look amazing! Are they made of stainless steel? I have a similar pendant that I made out of scrap metal that turned out to be carbon steel and it corroded quite heavily when worn next to my skin non-stop.

Really nice aesthetic though, that wrap is very professional, no way I could do that myself (I can barely do a handle wrap around my Izula)!

Stormdrane said...

The nails aren't stainless, but a brushed on coat of clear nail polish before tying with them can help prevent rust/corrosion. ;)